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A Universal Scale for AI Systems

It seems to me that the media are really hyping the state of AI research and the general, ‘march of the machines’ thing and this is causing confusion and mild panic amongst us. I think for all of us, including those actually, ‘doing AI’ it would be really good if there was an agreed, ‘scale’ […]

The Reality of – Traditional Watches

I hate to admit that I am an almost obsessive consumer but I always try to apply objective logic to my views on products that I buy and on their performance. So in this post I want to look at the reality of watches. I am a watch enthusiast and have eight watches at the […]

To BS or not to BS

Is my new theory BS? I put it to the test.

Facts are Ultra-High Definition Truths

there is no such thing as absolute truth. All truths include doubt. Facts are truths with the least doubt. We must use facts for our decision making otherwise all is anarchy.

Exactly which reality doesn’t exist until we look at it?

I just have to comment on a recent article in the Independent entitled, ‘Reality doesn’t exist until you look at it, pioneering quantum physics experiment finds’ ,( Firstly what terrible English, but much more importantly this is a prime example of the media’s unbalanced and ill-informed presentation of what physics is really about. I […]

The ‘Edge of Chaos’ does not exist

On one of my web pages I have tried to describe a spectrum of complexity and this has caused me to revisit my understanding of a concept that seems to be a major source of ‘hype’ used to tout the application of complexity science to management and leadership. The concept I refer to is, ‘the […]

Farewell Mr Spock; a window into the future of deep AI.

This week I lost one of my childhood hero’s and an iconic character.  The true and original Mr Spock, played by the enigmatic Leonard Nimoy, has sadly passed away. I have recently been thinking a lot about Mr Spock, or more generally of his brethren. The Vulcans as depicted in Star Trek were a race that […]

The Reality of the Dangers of AI

Quite rightly the debate is ramping up regarding the influences and dangers of artificial intelligence. In this article I try to give a ‘hype-free’ view of the realities of the impact and threats from the development artificial intelligence. I am not an AI expert, however I have spent most of my career buried deeply in […]

RealityMatters associated with Frontline Change

Excited about RealityMatters being a trusted associate of Frontline Change, a brand of Ken Weir Limited.