Reading List

I didn’t want to get tied up with trying to reference every paper, article or book that is relevant to each web page so here is a woefully incomplete list of the material that I have read over the last few years and has influenced my views and increased my knowledge. I will endeavour to extend this list over time.

Title Authors Other details Comments
Applied chaos theory A B Cambel Book Good mathematical introduction to chaos theory
Frontiers of complexity Peter Coveney & Roger Highfield Book Popular science introduction to complexity. Similar to chaos by Gleick
Chaos James Gleick Book Best popular science introduction
Introduction to non-linear systems J Berry Book Full mathematical treatment
Deterministic chaos N Kumar Book Great little book. Some mathematics but a very good introduction to many of the concepts in complexity
Chaotic dynamics: An Introduction G L Baker, J P Gollub Book Mathematical treatment but good narrative of the concepts.
Aspects of complexity: managing projects in a complex world Terry Cooke-Davis Kindle Covers aspects of managing complexity from several viewpoints. Not very technical and many ideas are not substantiated but interesting read.
Complexity leadership: Part 1 conceptual understanding Kindle Set of articles from workshops. Well written and informative and references actual research. Non technical
Rational choice in an uncertain world Reid Hastie, Robyn Dawes Kindle Excellent book covering the psychology of judgement and decision making. A seemingly thorough review of academic research.
Complex adaptive systems: An introduction to computational models of social life. John Millar, Scott Page Kindle Thorough review of types of computational model that can be applied to modelling social systems. Heavy going.
Signals and boundaries John Holland Kindle
Revisiting the Edge of Chaos:Evolving Cellular Automata to Perform Computations Melanie Mitchell1, Peter T. Hraber1, and James P. Crutch_eld2 PDF on-line. Published in Complex Systems, 7:89-130, 1993
System Dynamics Modelling: A Practical Approach R.G Coyle Book Classic text on system dynamic modelling and its impact upon cybernetics. Full treatment of cause effect diagrams and systems approach.

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