‘Perceived reality is what we want to believe; objective reality is what we tend to avoid’.

When we ignore complexity for whatever reason we are ignoring information about how things really work and how a myriad of imperceptible changes lead to unexpected behaviours. This fact is as true for personal situations as it is for management and even the development of scientific ideas.

To have a better understanding of any situation, reality matters!

This site is all about trying to understand what complexity is and how even a little understanding of complexity can improve our understanding of the reality of a given situation.

I am not an academic or paid professional but an independent researcher,inventor and ‘gengineer’ (someone who has a lot of technical knowledge and experience in many related technical areas, but is not an expert in any). I have studied complexity science for over twenty years and as well as being a trained physicist and experienced  project manager I have gained significant knowledge in the areas of computer technology, mathematics and computational methods.

I couldn’t do any of this without having a real passion for gaining a better understanding of complexity and how important it is in every aspect of our lives.

I have focused on two areas in which I have some experience, technical knowledge and for which I have an awful lot of passion:

New Age Physics: Computational Theories of Everything and my new approach based upon complexity science that I call, The Theory of Enigmatic Stuff – A Summary

Software Delivery and Organisations: Managing software delivery in complex environments and Organisational Change.

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