When we ignore complexity for whatever reason we are ignoring information about how things really work and how they behave at smaller scales and this skews our view of reality. This fact is as true for personal situations as it is for management and even the development of scientific ideas.

To have a better understanding of any situation, reality matters!

This site is all about trying to understand what complexity is and the use of complexity science to improve our understanding of the reality of a given situation.

I am not an academic or paid professional but an independent  researcher and inventor. I have studied complexity science for over twenty years and as well as being a trained physicist and experienced  project manager I have gained significant knowledge in the areas of computer technology, mathematics and computational methods.

I couldn’t do any of this without having a real passion for gaining a better understanding of complexity and how important it is in every aspect of our lives.

I have focused on two areas in which I have some experience, technical knowledge and for which I have an awful lot of passion:

New Age Physics: Computational Theories of Everything and my new approach based upon complexity science that I call, The Theory of Enigmatic Stuff – A Summary

Software Delivery and Organisations: Managing software delivery in complex environments and Organisational Change.

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