Silly Science Poems


All is quantum and we cannot peek
Through the veil of uncertainty through which we seek
To know what exists when we do not.
So does God roll a dice or is there a plot?
For it seems that we humans need existence to make sense.
But as for an opinion, I’ll sit on the fence.

Uncertainty 2, or is it 3?

Is Heisenberg uncertainty a reality of sorts, or just a wrong turn in our mathematical thoughts?
The uncertainty was derived from the mathematics you know.
And with many experiments we have proven it so.
But it only applies to conjugate pairs, so some things ARE certain.
A strange state of affairs.

The Quantum Cat

Erwin Schrodinger had a cat.
That he put in a box and that was that.
In the box was some gas triggered by alpha decay.
And if the trigger went off then the cat past away.
But Erwin knew that the cat’s situation
Was just a case of quantum superposition.
So whilst in the box not being observed
It was neither dead or alive and that’s quite absurd


Oh tiny quanta, a particle sublime.
But then look again, and you’re a wave sometimes
Can’t you decide what you want to be?
In superposition if you want, or to collapse may be.
But when bonded to your friends decoherence plays a part
And between particle and wave you no longer dart.

String Along

In physics a string is a peculiar thing
With neither width nor depth to its name.
But strings are not loose, and they have a use
Especially when attached to the brane.
For then they matter, because they become matter
And that’s something that I cannot explain
But the Brane’s part of the Bulk, and I’m starting to sulk
“This means nothing to me”, I exclaim.


Consider two particles of states A and B
And if B becomes A then A becomes B
What’s amazing is this happens simultaneously
And that’s all there is to entanglement you see.

Black Hole

I feel sorry for a star shining brightly in space
For if its mass is too large, a nasty future it will face.
As its fuel is spent it has less outward force
And gravity contracts it to a singularity of course.
So with no dimensions to speak of and an infinite mass
And an event horizon through which light cannot pass
Our star disappears as physics take its toll
And low and behold it’s become a black hole.

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