Computational Theories of Everything


“So I have often made the hypothesis that ultimately physics will not require a mathematical statement, that in the end the machinery will be revealed, and the laws will turn out to be simple, like the chequer board with all its apparent complexities.” Richard  Feynman, ‘The Character of Physical Law’.


Science is the epitome of human objectivity, however our human frailties still direct and in some ways restrict the ways in which we view the physical reality of our universe. Science is full of dogma; theories and assumptions that are considered beyond question. Science is also an institution that is, albeit unconsciously, directed and controlled by the keepers of the faith, the senior academics, and this results in most scientist, ‘thinking within a box’. I believe that there is no greater proof of these characteristics than when looking at two of the most important questions in physics; is quantum mechanics telling us that there is a veil over the physical structure of the universe that we can never lift, and can we ever reconcile the theory of gravity as described by general relativity with quantum mechanics. Physicists are pursuing the answer to these questions using the constructs that have been hard earned over the last few centuries and that have become dogma. What they are not considering is that maybe revolution not evolution is needed to answer these questions. I believe that Feynman, one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century, is suggesting that our mathematical constructs of space-time and quantum mechanics could be mere approximations and that the machinery of the universe may be revealed to be a simple computational system, like a cellular automata (chequer board) out of whose complexities our perceived physical laws have emerged.
I have spent the last twelve years researching the possibility that our universe is in fact the result of some fairly simple, but vast computational process. I would be the first to admit that there is are no firm theories or evidence for such a proposition, however my research, and that of others far more qualified than me suggests that there is a robust argument for this  proposition to receive much more attention, both by the media and the scientific community.

List of articles

Computational Universe in 5 minutes – a 5 minute slideshow.
Are we Living Inside a Computer – A more detailed, but non technical introduction.
Timeline to a Computational Universe – Tracing the scientific discoveries that have led to the idea of a computational universe.
Research Notes May 2013 – My research notes into the development of a computational model of the universe based upon a nested CA architecture.
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