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A Universal Scale for AI Systems

It seems to me that the media are really hyping the state of AI research and the general, ‘march of the machines’ thing and this is causing confusion and mild panic amongst us. I think for all of us, including those actually, ‘doing AI’ it would be really good if there was an agreed, ‘scale’ […]

A Tale of Six Watches

What’s the difference between just loving watches and being a real enthusiast (geek)? My answer to this question is, ‘time’. I don’t mean that it is inevitable that you will transition from watch lover to full geek; what I do mean is that people like me are interested in a watch not only as a […]

Analogue and Digital Music; The Audio Illusion

There is one fact that we can extract from the continuing discussions concerning the pros and cons of digital and analogue music and that is that they are perceptively different for a lot of people. But why is this and why are some more receptive to the difference than others? Well I have a theory […]

The Reality of – Traditional Watches

I hate to admit that I am an almost obsessive consumer but I always try to apply objective logic to my views on products that I buy and on their performance. So in this post I want to look at the reality of watches. I am a watch enthusiast and have eight watches at the […]

To BS or not to BS

Is my new theory BS? I put it to the test.

Facts are Ultra-High Definition Truths

there is no such thing as absolute truth. All truths include doubt. Facts are truths with the least doubt. We must use facts for our decision making otherwise all is anarchy.

Dictators Wanted

Our civilisation is a highly complex system and consequently has highly complex behaviour; in fact complexity science would suggest that civilisation is so complex that it is highly sensitive to small changes that can amplify as they propagate across the globe to become major crises. Anyone who understands complexity science knows that the ability to […]

The Search for Little Green Programmers

There’s a lot of ‘big talk’ going around suggesting that our universe may be some sort of computer simulation. The problem with taking such an idea seriously is that most of this, ‘big talk’ is undermined by, ‘little science’. In this article I take a more balanced view based upon a logical analysis and our […]

New: The Business uncertainty principle

There is a lot of talk in the business media about uncertainty and however well-meaning, there seems to be a general message that we just have to accept uncertainty, which to a degree is true, but such a viewpoint can also become an excuse for costly inaction . It turns out that ‘uncertainty’ is a […]