New Age Physics

“For us to gain a better scientific understanding of what realities there are and what the ultimate limits of physics are, we may have to forget all physics and start again!”

I am a trained physicist and have spent my entire working life in the realms of science and engineering and so I almost feel like a traitor when I say that we need a different approach to physics.

I my view there are two big problems that are stopping us from developing better descriptions of the underlying nature of our universe in a way that is more comprehensive, consistent and comprehensible:

  • Physicists ignore the importance of identifying fundamental types of reality and how they relate to the abstract descriptions that they formulate from the increasing abstract mathematics.
  • We have reached the limit of scale at which we can apply reductionist based models. We now have to look at the whole and not a few of the parts.

Unfortunately with the more holistic view we will lose information within our models and so the science will appear to be more generalised and less able to be analysed in such a way as to furnish precise predictions that can be verified by measurement. This is an uncomfortable situation for any physicist; however there is nothing we can do about this as this loss of information is a characteristic of complex systems.

I do not believe that any theories based upon abstract mathematics and upon our current inconsistent tool box of physical theories will furnish a clear view of the true nature of any reality, even if physicists bothered to clarify what reality they were talking about.

This is why for the last 35 years I have been developing, ‘new age physics’. This is physics that is based upon throwing away all of the preconceptions upon which current physics is based and that limit our ability to think outside of a very rigid box. The guiding principles of New Age Physics are:

  • Throw away all of our current physics but focus on what we perceive through our measurements.
  • Look at the universe as a complete system and place our understanding of complexity science at the forefront of any analysis instead of ever more abstract mathematical concepts.
  • Draw conclusions based upon the fact that whatever the universe is then we perceive it and interact with it from within and have to take into account aspects of consciousness.

My latest attempt at developing a theory of everything based upon these principles is called the Theory of Enigmatic Stuff, a summary of which can be found here.

My previous investigations into a specific computational theory of everything can be found here.

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