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Dictators Wanted

Our civilisation is a highly complex system and consequently has highly complex behaviour; in fact complexity science would suggest that civilisation is so complex that it is highly sensitive to small changes that can amplify as they propagate across the globe to become major crises. Anyone who understands complexity science knows that the ability to […]

New: The Business uncertainty principle

There is a lot of talk in the business media about uncertainty and however well-meaning, there seems to be a general message that we just have to accept uncertainty, which to a degree is true, but such a viewpoint can also become an excuse for costly inaction . It turns out that ‘uncertainty’ is a […]

Something to Worry About

It’s a bit ironic that I study complexity science and suffer personally from the butterfly effect. You know this is where a butterfly flapping its wings in Neasden can cause a tornado in New York; well for me it means that any small thought or interruption sends me flying off in a completely different direction […]